• A21 Setting & Bronzing Brush (natural)

    “At age 21, I became much more sure of myself. My powder brush sets things in place, and I feel like the year I turned 21, my identity and confidence was set, too. I was able to look back and say, ‘Damn, I really made my dream come true by being 100% myself. I really did that.’”

  • A24 Foundation Brush (synthetic)

    “This is my absolute favorite brush, so I had to name it after my mom: A24 because her birthday is March 24. My Mama is my rock, she’s my foundation. Without this foundation brush, the looks I create wouldn’t be my signature looks. And without my mom, I wouldn’t be who I am.”

  • A58 Cream Contour Brush (natural)

    “My dad was born in ’58—sorry for aging you, Papa! I had to dedicate this brush to him because this Cream Contour Brush shapes and sculpts the face. And that’s what my dad did: He molded me into the man I am today.”

  • A14 Precision Setting Brush (natural)

    “I met my best friend in 2014. She always believed that I’d be a star. I can’t live without my bestie just like I cannot complete my signature looks without this brush. I use this brush for almost every step of my makeup application. It really is a makeup artist’s best friend.”

  • A22 Blush Brush (natural)

    “This is my lucky brush—my 11+11 brush. Without realizing it, this brush really took my artistry to another level. Blush can subtly transform a look, and this brush allowed me to make slight shifts in my blush technique that creates that signature Ariel complexion.”